Friday, September 30, 2016


Welcome to the web site for the Coven of the Shadow Moon.  We are a teaching coven located in Northern New Jersey and we primarily worship the Celtic and Norse pantheons.  With roots that reach back to the early 2000's, the coven was formally founded in 2007 and has been active ever since.

Our tradition, with roots in Celtic Wicca, is an intuitive and organic tradition that is ever evolving as we endeavor to engage the mind, body and spirit on all levels.  We believe, specifically, in the necessity for us to embrace not only the good and light but also the dark and difficult, as life and spirit are made of both.

We celebrate open Full Moon rituals monthly and we also host a monthly Round Table meeting in order to connect with other local pagans and respectful seekers.  Our celebratory rituals fall on the equinoxes and solstices, with workshops, classes and energy work being done on the other four points on the wheel of the year.  Samhain serves as the New Year for our coven calendar and is the only ritual which is closed to those who are not dedicants or initiated members.

We welcome newcomers, whether to paganism or to our specific coven.  It is our belief that by networking, sharing ritual and supporting one another that we all benefit. Feel free to "like' us on Facebook and to join our Meet Up to keep abreast of upcoming events.

CoTSM Outreach

Coven of the Shadow Moon

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